Employment Opportunities


We source our lovely Party Escorts from all over the Germany, and the requirements are minimal. We do have some baseline characteristics that we seek, but we get our ladies up to our standards through training and mentorship from more experienced escorts after they have been hired. Applicants are also screened to ensure that they possess characteristics that favor success in this field. We are always hiring, and you can apply once you’re legally allowed to work in the Germany and are at least 18 years old.

You’ll need to send an email to our employment team containing a motivation letter, personal details e.g. hobbies and education, along with some recent photos. We do take applications very seriously, and will handle your personal details with utmost discretion. At the moment, we currently undergoing a hiring boost and are looking to hire a few ladies to start immediately.

Working in the escort industry requires an open mind, a vibrant personality and an attractive physique. We want our ladies to be confident and purposeful, with the ability to light up even a dim room. Good conversational skills are an asset as well, as you might be assigned with someone seeking temporary companionship on more than a physical level. This is a very common requirement that our clients mention as well. If you possess all or most of these skills and are willing to learn, feel free to send in an application to our employment team.