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Discover a whole new world of pleasure with only the most elite escort service in the Germany. We bring fantasies, dreams and desires to life through our wide collection of ladies. Stunning, sensual and angelic, but if you want a naughty girl, you can have that too. They say variety is the spice of life, and boy, these ladies are spicy. Whether you’re feeling for a beautiful blonde, busty brunette, slim chick or a curvy goddess, we have someone perfect for you. With over one hundred beauties available to choose from, feel free to explore our well equipped gallery to select the girl of your dreams. Even if you’re unable to choose from our gallery, you can reach out to us and we’ll discuss your desires, preferences and expectations and match you up with someone just for you.

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You deserve the very best, and that’s just what we offer. Our top quality customer service team is ready to accept any questions, comments or bookings at any hour. We want you to have the very best experience, and that’s why our escorts are no less than the very best quality. Whatever kind of experience you seek, our ladies are well equipped to take you on that journey - and more! If you can wish it, don’t be afraid to ask. We are in the business of pleasure, and if it pleases you, our ladies will definitely consider.

We’re really glad you’ve come looking here. If you’re searching for passionate lovemaking, a super personality or a bombshell beauty, then you’ve come to the right place and you need not look any further. We’ve received impressive reviews from repeat customers who just can’t get enough of our ladies. What sets our girls apart from other services is how well rounded they are. Here, we believe beauty is the easiest part, but bringing the utmost joy and satisfaction to our client is an aspect that we pay keen attention to. We believe that escorts should be a complete package, suitable for any situation - both intimate and social settings.

Both incall and outcall services are available. So you can choose the setting in which you’re most comfortable. Our lovely escorts would be delighted to entertain you in their private apartments or they will be equally as willing to spend quality time alone with you in your private hotel room. We do ask that you give our ladies some time to get ready for you by booking your time a few hours in advance.

While we do acknowledge a few competitors in the area, there are few factors that give us the edge. While it would be cute, we don’t say we’re the one of best just because we feel like it. We have substantiated claims from clients themselves, and we also place a high value on our services based on the investment we have put in. For example, training of our escorts is a well thought out process - and it can be costly. We’ve received positive feedback from a number of clients who have used other services as well, but still use us on a consistent basis. We invest highly in privacy of both our employees and our clients, as that’s something that we believe is invaluable. At this agency, we don’t cut corners and we don’t sacrifice quality. This is true in our services, our escorts and our daily operations. For example, to provide you the best service, we have real people who will attend to your queries 24 hours a day - no operators, no message service. This is a major difference between us and competitors, and it can be tangibly seen and felt in the way we operate.

About Us

If you are looking for elite escort services based in Berlin, you’ve come to the right place. We are counted as one of the best in the Germany. Our services are client oriented and flexible, offering a large selection of escorts. Our escorts are suited for any taste such as brunettes as well as blondes, busty and even elite escors. Whatever type you may desire for your wildest fantasies, we can provide. Speaking of fantasies, our ladies are open minded, talented and ready to please.

We are a solid company, with years of experience in the escort industry. This experience shows in the way that we conduct business, and in how our ladies carry themselves. There are so many companies in Berlin that provide similar services, but we proudly stand among the giants. Booking an escort through our agency provides you the peace of mind in knowing that the transaction is above board, and you won’t be walking into an unsafe situation. Our ladies are trained and screened before being employed, so we can give you that guarantee.

Our escorts always go above and beyond to meet their client’s expectations. When you book one of our escorts, she’s all yours during your time together. We provide companionship during the times you need them most such as corporate events, dinner dates and even for travelling. You can let us know what would make your experience better, such as attire and setting. Our services are not limited, and our escorts are global ladies - so they are not averse to accompanying clients on business trips, for example. A warm personality is one of the telling features of our escorts. They have been known to calm clients, especially first time ones. They are sociable and make the perfect companion for an evening out, or a naughty even in.

Our working environment is top class, so our Berlin escorts are always in a good mood. This translates to how well they treat their clients. Always warm, friendly and ready to please with a smile. Highly educated and mature, our ladies are interested in your satisfaction from before you even meet. Our briefing sessions help them to understand what you are expecting, and how your needs can be met, so upon meeting you guys can skip the awkward stage and jump right into the fun.

In this industry, discretion is a major factor, and we have taken steps in ensuring our clients’ privacy. We have a protected online system so that we can decrease the threat of hacking. Our employees are also well trained and respectable individuals who take their jobs very seriously, especially our customer service team.

We are also in the process of hiring a new set of escorts, so our returning clients can look out for some fresh faces in our gallery. We take diversity very seriously so we’re mixing things up a bit. Of course, the usual screening process will take place and the minimum requirements will need to be met, as we don’t compromise on quality. These new ladies will be trained to our standard, and nothing less, as we aim to appeal to a broader cross-section of clients. They will add a burst of energy to our working environment and enhance the overall charm and value of our agency. We are working towards maintaining our spot as one of the best, if not the best in the business, and that is why we believe in expanding and improving our services.